About Us

The Arches ‘Chatham’ Neighbourhood Forum (ACNF) is a group of local people working together to positively shape the future of Luton and central Chatham.

We’re creating a Neighbourhood Plan: a document that will guide where development should take place, what this should look like and how best it could benefit our local community. This document carries ‘statutory’ status, meaning it must be followed by Medway Council alongside the Medway Local Plan when considering whether to approve or refuse planning applications.

The vision of the local community is to transform our area into a beautiful, green and prosperous place in which people wish to stay, live and work; a neighbourhood to raise children, help others and grow old; a place in which people can discover a sense of community and purpose. We seek to achieve this through re-greening our streets and supporting development and stewardship that supports wellbeing, and is sustainable and inclusive.

The aims of the plan are to:

  • Support the shift from driving to walking and cycling through creating greener, more beautiful and more walkable, liveable streets and public realm.
  • Help maintain a commercial presence in Luton Road and the surrounding areas to encourage diverse and new independent businesses.
  • Create new homes and make it easier to restore, renew and repurpose existing buildings cost-efficiently to provide more homes of all tenures in which people wish to live.
  • Support carbon net neutral lifestyles, stewardship and development as part of the formal planning process.

If you live or work in our local area like us, please get involved!

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