Luton Road footway resurfacing works for three weeks

Footway resurfacing works will be undertaken in Luton Road for 3 weeks from Thursday, 30 July between 7am to 7pm.

The south western side of the footway from Castle Road to number 180 Luton Road will be resurfaced by Medway Council’s contractor, VolkerHighways.

The small section of Leonard Road off of Luton Road will also be closed for the storage of materials. Parking restrictions will remain in force during the duration of these works and failure to abide by the restrictions in place may result in vehicle lifting equipment being used if necessary.

If your property has a cellar well that is within the footway, please note that VolkerHighways will not be carrying out any works to these and will just work around them.

These works are being undertaken as part of Medway Council’s commitment to maintaining and improving the highway network under the Annual Highway Improvement Programme.

Luton Arches brightened up by stunning new art mural

A neglected corner of Chatham has been given an artistic overhaul to delight thousands of passersby on the A2.

Network Rail joined forces with community group Arches Local and artist Lionel Stanhope to create a unique art mural on the bare walls of local railway landmark the Luton Arches.

The mural features another lost local landmark, the Driver Fountain that once stood on the spot, and the HMS Victory warship, which was built nearby at Chatham Dockyard.

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Arches Local launch digital tree trail walk through Luton Millennium Green

Using the app, our friends at the community group Arches Local have put together a digital tree trail walk through the Luton Millennium Green and beyond!

Along the digital tree trail, Arches Local has marked the many different species of trees in the Green, other fauna, as well as local points of interest for passersby to take a look at.

The new digital tree trail is the perfect companion for your next walk through Luton Millennium Green, and more points will be added to the map over time.

Refurbishment and extension of empty Russell House given the go-ahead

Photo: Future Chatham

A former housing shelter for elderly people will be refurbished and extended to become a foyer for vulnerable young people after plans were recently approved by Medway Council.

MHS Homes put forward a planning application seeking permission to build two additional one-bed living units and to remodel the frontage of the empty Russell House to include a covered walkway and glazed communal rooms for the young residents.

The refurbishment work will also see new fencing installed along the perimeter of the site, soft landscaping features and a gated stairwell leading up to Magpie Hall Road.

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