Have Your Say!

The Arches ‘Chatham’ Neighbourhood Forum (ACNF) is a group made up of local residents and business owners from our community that together are preparing our Neighbourhood Plan to positively shape the future of our designated area within Central Chatham. Click here for our boundary:


We’ve created this survey as a way of giving the community inside and outside of the ACNF an opportunity to feed into the process in a noncommittal fashion.


To keep up to date and to get involved with our Neighbourhood Planning journey please visit or contact:



Potential tree planting locations as part of our Urban Greening Project

Please find above a map where  we have identified potential spots where trees could be planted. The locations have been based from our previous consultations events as part of our neighbourhood planning process and our own investigations.

We have also added with some of the locations an additional image with how that area could look with trees.

Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions of other potential sites where trees could go, with photo or rough location in our area.