AECOM Visited the Arches

On Wednesday 25th September, AECOM visited the ACNF area to deliver their Planning for our Future! workshop. The workshop revolved around a presentation on the power and scope of neighbourhood planning, participants were then asked to identify their hot issues, particularly those with a spatial dimension which lead to the group identifying a corridor for master planning/urban design purposes around Luton Road road area (dotted black line on capture map within the AECOM report). The final question around developing a common vision to underpin any plan was a theme throughout the discussion and common threads that emerged included;

• A community where people want to stay, bring up their families in or grow older in.

• A community that provides affordable housing with good standards in terms of space and environmental standards.

• A greener community where people move around more by foot and cycle and feel safe doing so.

• A community that welcomes diversity and encourages new independent businesses.

We closed with a group discussion around next steps.

AECOM were kind enough to produce a report on this workshop which you’re able to find here.

To keep up to date and to get involved with our Neighbourhood Planning journey please visit or contact:



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