Designated Area Update!

Taking into consideration conversations and point raised during our consultation event about our designated we are happy to report we have reflected these in the latest version of the proposed designated area (please see below) to be submitted to Medway Council.

In summary;

  • It now includes further along Luton Road including Luton Junior and Infant School.
  • Incorporates the whole of Luton Millennium Green and the Shipwrights area.
  • The whole of Castle Road is included as are the roads running adjacent up to Magpie Hall road including the Magpie Community Centre Cafe.

We feel that the map now has a more natural look and feel to it though some may argue that in parts it, not a clearly joined up area from the work that Arches Local ‘Big Local’ has been carry out bringing the wider community together, the whole designated area is suffering from similar recorded issues.

We hope the Neighbourhood Planning process can help bring together everyone together to help plan and secure a better future for those living there.

There are plans in the near future to hold further consultation activities in the newly added parts.



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