Master Planning Proposals




Despite Covid-19, we’re continuing our master planning journey with AECOM. The forum has joined AECOM on multiple digital walkabouts of the Luton area and has spent a significant amount of time looking at small interventions that will resonate into wider and greater change.



Throughout the working draft copy of our ‘public realm interventions’ which you will find at the end of this article, you will discover a series of public realm proposals throughout the master planning area, we explore railings, bollards, crossings, green spaces, murals and so on. We also wanted to avoid interventions that were solely Luton Rd/Arches specific – we wanted things that could be replicated throughout our boundary as it covers much more than just Luton.

This is just a working document to update non-forum members, allowing you to engage and comment. As with everything we do at the Arches ‘Chatham’ Neighbourhood Forum, our goal is to make our patch of Chatham an affordable, environmentally-conscious and human-centric place (as set out in our vision and objectives).

To read our Draft Public Realm Interventions please click here.


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