Potential tree planting locations as part of our Urban Greening Project

Please find above a map where  we have identified potential spots where trees could be planted. The locations have been based from our previous consultations events as part of our neighbourhood planning process and our own investigations.

We have also added with some of the locations an additional image with how that area could look with trees.

Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions of other potential sites where trees could go, with photo or rough location in our area.

Findings from our Consultation Events

Please find below a link to the report from consultations events held in November.


We are still looking for members to form our forum please get in touch for more information and get involved in helping shape a better future for our area.

Alternatively, check out our leaflet for a hard copy please get in touch or pop in and see us at The Arches 2e Luton Road.



Let’s Better Shape our Area Together

Through out 2018 we have been discussing with our community and stakeholders, creating a Neighbourhood Plan for our area. We have chosen its aims and objectives which are for the Forum to produce a Neighbourhood Plan to improve the social, economic, environmental and general well-being of individuals living in a designated area and to further the interests of businesses operating in the same area who support the Neighbourhood Plan aims. It shall operate without distinction or discrimination on the grounds of gender, disability, sexual orientation or race, or of political, religious or other beliefs.

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